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Some time ago, maybe a year or so, there was this piece of art on the front page.
I don't exactly remember what it was about; I think it had a blond boy drawn in a manga style and it was called "Stairway" or "staircase" or something like that. I remember thinking that it looked like watercolor, but I wasn't sure because I'm dumb and never read what category it's in.

Back to the topic, I read the description, and the artist said the character was part of their manga. I think he's a scientist in it. Anyway, I was curious, so I clicked on the link and read it.

It's...probably not something I should've read at that age, but it's interesting and I want to find it again.
It opens with these high schoolers, I don't know if they started with sex on the building, or if it was a group of boys hanging out in a classroom in a all boys school. Something involving a green haired guy who looked female and pictures of him cross dressing.
It was about these brothers, I think, and they were some sort of experiment, using the guys as something that involved sex to better humankind. A girl was their caretaker, and sometimes she was used for it, too. I think she's somehow related to the green haired guy. Then something happened, one of the brothers got stuck inside a closet, something about one of the brothers dating/using a green haired boy.
And in present day, they went to school, some sort of alternate universe I guess. The last thing I remember reading is that the main characters were going out and they visited one of the others sister.

It's definitely interesting, but the last time I saw it, it was seemingly on hiatus and being the ever impatient idiot, I dropped it, regretted it, and never found it again.
Oh, man, it had such an interesting storyline and such good art, why did I ever let it go?
Please, if anyone knows of it, can you tell me the title? Or the deviantartist or give a link to the manga or something? Any help would be appreciated. 


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